EZR Manager SD Card

The EZR Manager SD Card allows you a comfortable, individual parametrization of your single room control with your PC or laptop computer.

Click here for download detailed instructions as pdf file.

Quick Start

1. Preconditions

The language preset in the browser is automatically selected after starting. You can select another language in the dropdown menu on the upper right.

MicroSD cards must be formatted with the FAT16 or FAT 32 system. Other file systems (NTFS) are not recognized by the base station.

The Service Level parameters of the EZR Manager SD Card may only be changed by authorized specialists. This level is protected by a PIN code available on request.

2. Operation

Attention! Faulty configuration leads to errors and installation damage.

1.   If a new MicroSD card is used, format it in the FAT16 or FAT 32 and insert it into the slot of the base station. The base station automatically writes a configuration file (params_ezr.bin) with the parameters on the MicroSD card.

2.   Remove the MicroSD card from the card slot in the base station.

3.   Insert the MicroSD card into a card reading device connected to your PC or laptop computer, using an SD card adapter.

4.   Make a backup of the configuration file (params_ezr.bin) in order to be able to recover the last status of the base station in case of possible erroneous configurations.

5.   Start the "EZR Manager SD Card" with the button at the top of this page.

6.   Click on "Search" and open the parameter file (params_cfg.xml) on the MicroSD card with a double click. Note: The denomination of the buttons depends on your browser.

7.   Click on "Import file".
If the file import is successful, you will be lead automatically to the menu item "System" where the base station parameters can be found. If an invalid or defective file has been selected, an error message will be displayed.
Final users may change the switching times under the menu item "Programs" as well as the following parameters of the corresponding room control units:

- P030 Operating lock
- P070 Selection of source comfort program
- P071 Program selection for working days (P0 to P3)
- P072 Program selection for weekend (P0 to P3)

You can configure the comfort and reduction times of the programs P0 to P3 individually in the menu item "Programs".

8.   Change to the menu "Programs".
There you can predefine the switching times for four programs (P0 – P3) on a timeline. A maximum of 4 comfort times are available for every program. The start and end times can be set with a resolution of 15 minutes. Click on the corresponding time fields in order to change between comfort time and reduction time.

9.   Return the the menu "Home" after finishing the configuration.

10.   Click on "Export file" and save the file on the SD card.

11.   The button "Print file" allows you to display and print an overview of the edited parameters. Store the printout with your most current set of operating instructions.

12.   Remove the MicroSD card from the card reading device/adapter and insert it into the slot of the base station.

Now the parameters are transferred to the base station.

Attention! Never separate the base station from the mains during the boot process/never pull out the SD card before the end of the boot process.